Barnes Montessori Heart Paintings 2018 – Where it all began in 2011

Thank you to Mrs Anne- Marie True and the Barnes Montessori Children and teachers who made these wonderful Heart Paintings this week.

It was truly a joy to watch 2/3/4 year old children make these wonderful paintings all together in one morning.

All the children work through each painting from start to I wish in class groups,

We start painting with brushes, then hands, then feet then splatting paint in a glorious finale.

Lastly the children stand shoulder to shoulder around the heart and we pour glitter into their cupped hands.

“Where do wishes come from”? We ask

“From our hearts” they say quietly.

Then they each tell us there wishes…some say

I wish to be a princess

I wish to be a spaceman

I want to be a unicorn

Some are surprising, but all are from their hearts.

Thank you again for helping raise loads for charity.


Harrodian Heart Paintings

A big thank you to the wonderful students and teachers in Harrodian School London for the Heart Paintings Event participation this week. It was Truly AMAZING!